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Technopark in Skolkovo

Moscow region, Skolkovo

Project stages

Correction of the «Project»
Working documentation


General designer


2019 — present

Technopark "Skolkovo" is a modern multifunctional platform for the implementation of innovative projects.


The Technopark building is a new architectural symbol of the Skolkovo innovation center, created according to the architectural concept of Zaha Hadid Architects.

The concept of a technopark combines production, science, culture, education and art. The external appearance of the building should create an atmosphere of discoveries and inventions. The Technopark is positioned as a multifunctional environment where there are zones for work, as well as for recreation and creativity.


The large glass volume is cut through by the tunnel of the wide atrium boulevard, which makes it look like an airport terminal. The two-part «central hub» acts as a connecting module, serving simultaneously as a communication, exhibition, and representative unit.

The building of the technopark will house meeting rooms, a presentation area, a business incubator, a client area, food areas, places for sports and yoga, a hotel and even a relaxation library.

A free space with a park and fountains is planned to be set up next to the building. The concept of unity with the environment is supported by huge tree columns and multi-colored winter gardens with living plants.


The interior of the building combines unique design solutions. Free spaces imply high horizontal and vertical permeability of the building, which allows you to get from one point of the building to another as quickly as possible.


This is a neo-futuristic building with a translucent facade and optimally organized space inside. The bionic glass shell is designed according to the principles of maximum open space.

The project provides for panoramic glazing of the facade and the presence of special light wells. At the same time, there is also a closed atrium area with double glazing, where a darkening effect is created.


The architecture of the building is focused on the most advanced technologies. The property is eligible for Silver (or higher) green LEED certification, which means energy efficient technologies are implemented.


266 134 м² Total area
10Number of floors
14 300Number of employees
140 004 м² Offices with associated infrastructure
81 808 м² Unique bionic form façade cladding
20 мConsole length
1 395 п.м. Total number of catering: 24 cafes / restaurants
50 м Height of the main column in the form of a tree