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Federation Tower

Moscow, Russia


Mirax Group

Project stages

Working documentation — development of monolithic structures of the «West» tower and stylobate part


General Designer




2006 — 2008

The Federation Tower is the flagship project of the Moscow City business center. It consists of two towers «East» and «West», standing on the same stylobate.


The total area of the complex is about 443,000 sq. M. The Federation has offices and apartments. Stylobate is a 6-story atrium with offices and shopping galleries.

The Federation complex is the winner of prestigious competitions, including a victory in the international European Property Awards in the category «Best multifunctional complex» and a prize in the Moscow Government competition for the best completed project.


Outrigger floors give the building additional stability

The base for the Federation complex is the foundation, which is ground on a massive concrete slab. The stability of both buildings is ensured by a powerful concrete core, which has 1.4 meters at the base of the wall, as well as 25 perimeter columns that run through both towers from the foundation to the upper floor. Each column at the base is 2 mx 1.4 m.

Every 25-30 floors in the skyscrapers of the Federation complex there are outrigger floors made of high-strength steel structures.


For the first time in Russia, «twin» lift systems have been installed in the Federation Tower: this technology allows the use of two high-speed elevator cars in one shaft. The cabins move independently of each other and have different speeds: the lower one — 6 m / s, the upper one — 8 m / s.

The Federation stylobate has some of the most unusual elevators in the world. These unique glass-walled inclined elevators move at an angle of 10 degrees.

Thanks for the photo material: Dmitry Chistoprudov Christian Wiediger


63aboveground floors
5underground floors
242 мthe height of the «West» tower
443 000 м²total area of the complex
6floors of stylobate
10°the angle of movement of elevators in the stylobate
8 m/selevator speed