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Multifunctional Transport
Interchange Hub “Seligerskaya”

Moscow, Russia



Project stages

Design documentation
Concept, Design


General Designer


under construction


2018 — 2020

Multifunctional transport interchange hub «Seligerskaya»
A transport interchange hub is a multi-storey complex in which terminals for several types of transport are «separated» at different levels. At the same time are united by a system of convenient passageways for passengers. The transport hub integrates retail, cafes, restaurants, entertainment and leisure areas.

Transport interchange hub

The project of «Seligerskaya» includes a bus station, a shopping and entertainment center with underground and above-ground parking lots.

The buildings are interconnected by bridge pedestrian crossings, as well as by two automobile bridges, which allows visitors to access all levels of the parking lot.

The buildings are connected by means of a cold glazed top (protection from precipitation) landing stage at ground level, which is a transit zone between the bus station, the building of the shopping and entertainment center and the Seligerskaya metro station.

The transport hub will provide the population of the residential area with comfortable transfers to various types of public transport, and will also connect intercity and suburban flows. It is planned that about 100 thousand people will use TPU every day.


168 000 м²Total area of the object
55 мHeight
100 000carrying capacity
2000parking spaces