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Evolution Tower

Moscow, Russia


Snegiri Group

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General Designer




2008 — 2015

The multifunctional complex Evolution Tower is located on Presnenskaya embankment near the Bagration bridge in Moscow City.


The tower resembles a DNA molecule: two ribbons of opposite facades twist and smoothly combine in a metal structure above the roof, symbolizing an evolutionary spiral. Evolution has become one of the most recognizable buildings in the capital. Evolution Tower rotates around its axis by 156 degrees (each of its 50 floors — by 3 degrees relative to the underlying one).


The central core and eight columns with 15 m spans between the axes maintain strict verticality to the full height. The four corner columns follow a spiral geometry, and the overhangs of the floor slabs outside the octagon ring of eight beams are achieved by extending these beams with consoles that relieve moments in fifteen meter spans.

The entire structure was made of monolithic reinforced concrete

Specially designed and adapted formwork systems, including an innovative self-lifting system for an angular spiral-shaped column, made it possible to erect the building frame at an unprecedented speed for this geometry, 1 floor in 6 days.


The façade concept made it possible to achieve a visually solid and continuously “fluid” surface of double curvature. The curvature of the tower’s façade is ensured by absolutely flat glass units made of mirror glass using the “cold bending” technology. The facade looks like a single shell made of glass curved in a spiral. At the time of implementation, it was the largest cold-formed facade in the world.

A continuous tape of glazing with a constant slope at the corners of the tower (approximately 14 degrees to the vertical) realizes an amazing optical illusion, reflecting the surrounding panoramas of Moscow inverted at an angle of 90 degrees to the horizon.


The innovative TWIN ThyssenKrupp system — two cars circulate independently in one elevator shaft, which reduced the number of shafts from 12 to 10.


The complex covers an area of 2.55 hectares, 2 hectares of which is a landscaped terraced city-wide area. A three-level stylobate with a total area of 28 thousand m² was given over to the Evolution shopping gallery. From it there are exits to the tower, to the Vystavochnaya metro station and to the Bagration pedestrian bridge. The roof of the stylobate is made exploitable: it is adapted for fountains, café terraces and landscaping. The 10-meter difference in elevation between the upper level of the city-wide area of the City and the embankment elevation is compensated by escalators protected from precipitation by a curved roof.


164 000 m²total area
246 mtower height
55aboveground floors
60 000 m²cold-formed glazing area
1 floor in 6 daysthe speed of erection of the building frame
1 350 underground parking capacity
90°angle of reflection on the façade
156°turn the building by around its axis