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The installation of the spire of the Lakhta Center

29 january 2018

The installation of the spire of the Lakhta Center Multifunctional Complex under construction in Saint Petersburg, which will house the headquarters of Gazprom Group, has been completed. Air lights were lighted up at the top of the skyscraper. Thus, the main building of the Complex reached its final height of 462 metres. The construction of the above-ground part of the skyscraper took two and a half years.

“The high-rise architecture of the complex fully corresponds to the innovative spirit of St. Petersburg. The skyscraper of the Lakhta Center has not only acquired a complete architectural form, but has become a full-fledged part of the marine facade of the northern capital and a new symbol of the city looking to the future. The Lakhta Center is being implemented as a global urban development project, which is unprecedented from the point of view of the share of public spaces that combine educational and cultural functions. It became possible to implement such an ambitious project only through the professionalism of the international team managed by the Russian project team. The high-rise building of the Lakhta Center has reached its design height, and we expect that the entire Complex construction will be completed on schedule, namely by the end of 2018," Elena Ilyukhina, Lakhta Center Director General, member of the board of Gazprom Neft PJSC told.

Lakhta Center is a high-tech skyscraper, unique design and technical solutions are applied for the construction of it. The building weighing more than 670 thousand tonnes is built on the complex soils. Piles with a diameter of 2 meters are the widest in the world and are installed to a depth of 82 meters. In addition to the skyscraper, three more facilities of the Complex are at the final stage of construction: Multifunctional Building with Atrium, Stylobate and Main Entrance Arch. The total area of the facilities is 400,000sq.m.


GORPROJECT is a leading company in the field of general planning of residential and public buildings. It has implemented a large number of significant projects of high-rise construction. Among them, the Evolution Tower, Eurasia Tower, IQ-quarter Lakhta Center in Saint-Petersburg, Akhmat Tower  in Grozny have received international recognition.