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Tender Documentation

Tender Documentation, including those for facade (reflective) structures, constitutes the stage recently introduced to the Russian design procedure as the real competition among contractors, suppliers and construction technologies emerged and the market mechanisms were ultimately introduced to the construction industry. Although this stage has not been officially documented in the staged design structure and regulations, the experience of developers shows that organization of bidding procedure based on the design and estimate documentation approved by the state expert review is quite difficult, since the fundamental solutions provided by the project as to the scope and content of the documentation based on Decree No. 87 by the RF Government require considerable adjustments that would result in the issue of websites, detailed information, specifications, lists of materials and equipment that can be used to organize bidding procedures and make more or less reliable estimates. Nevertheless, the analysis of the bidding documentation should not be so detailed as that of the detailed design, leaving the contractors and suppliers a certain degree of freedom to maneuver among alternative systems and a range of elements, which makes it possible to optimize the project considerably, ensuring a great deal of savings by searching for the most innovative and efficient engineering solutions that might be unknown at project stage, or, for instance, in case the new technology or system launched to the market is not yet certified for construction purposes. The scope and structure of the design work at the bidding documentation stage shall be determined by the customer on a case-by-case basis based on the tasks and objectives of the above stage and the logistics of the bidding procedure.