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Site potential survey

Site potential survey assessment made by Gorproject constitutes full-fledged and thorough analysis of the potential building site, including city-planning, aesthetic, economic, climatic and other factors. The territorial potential assessment includes the requirements, terms and recommendations as to the most efficient utilization of the building site, such as the functional structure of the areas, the peculiarities of the compositional spatial solution, the maximum number of floors, etc.


The profitability of the newly constructed complex or a separate structure directly depends on the city-planning context, the existing and future traffic and pedestrian routes, prevailing functions of the surrounding buildings, territorial development trends and prospects, competition and many other factors. An absence of the preliminary territorial potential estimate may result not only in an erroneous investment allocation schedule in the business plan, but also (more dramatically) in the construction of useless buildings and premises and, consequently, in a further need for functional reorganization and reconstruction of the site along with obtaining re-approvals for the entire design and estimate documentation.


Customer`s consultations in the site selection stage:

  • potential plot estimate with regards to the maximum possible area, acceptability of the planned functional usage of the applicable limitation of the number of floors, roadside clear zones, insulation requirements, housing density, transportation, enginnering, infrastructure and other city-planning factors
  • impact assessment of the future site upon city-planning and the immediate surrounding
  • preliminary landscape visual planning analysis
  • assessment of the engineering infrastructure component (external networks and requirements for construction of engineering infrastructure facilities)