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Given the scope of ZAO Gorproject's activities and its dynamic growth, the groundwork for the Institute Development Strategy is based on the principles of stability and the establishment of long-term partnerships with our clients and business partners. Thanks to their loyalty and high assessment of its services, ZAO Gorproject is one of the most influential and successful players in the Russian market due to its predictability and reliability, as well as consistent and responsible efforts of the professional team.

ZAO Gorproject makes a significant contribution to the improvement of people’s living standards in the regions of its project activities, providing them with residential, multi-functional office, infrastructure and real estate facilities in compliance with international standards.

A high quality of design, integrated task solutions, commitment to project implementation, compliance with business ethics principles and continuous professional growth are the foundation of the Institute’s activities.

Our values:

TRUST The professional relationships among the employees of our Institute are characterized by trust, mutual respect and sincere interest in efficient cooperative work.
TRANSPARENCY Compliance with all of the required legal standards during the execution of agreements and documents serves as the basis for our relations with customers, partners, and employees.
RESPECT Equal respect for all employees of the company, customers, partners and business competitors is a core component of our everyday activities.
CARE We pay great attention to the needs and requirements of our clients and are eager to solve extraordinary challenges; our customers get what they really need.
RESPONSIBLE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT We strive for the most efficient profit management in order to achieve the objectives of the Institute, enhance the welfare of the Institute’s employees and shareholders, and improve living standards of the people in the cities/regions of ZAO Gorproject’s presence.
COMMITMENT TO IMPROVEMENT We are committed to the improvement and achievement of top results in all aspects of ZAO Gorproject’s activities.

Our Company strives to become the preferred design partner for our customers, as well as easy and pleasant to deal with! We look forward to working with you!