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Interior Design

In order to develop interior design concepts as part of the interior design we create detailed 3D interior models that make it possible to virtually visualize every space element, including detail design, color, texture and structure of the materials, and architectural lighting modes. Thorough 3D interior development enables us to conduct scenario-based engineering operations, promptly adjusting various stylistic solutions, substituting materials and elements, and choosing the right furniture and accessories.


The interior design includes:

  • An explanatory note of the interior and interior decoration of the premises, including finishing and equipment-related recommendations
  • Plans of floors and ceilings, sections, developments, sites and detailed data on interior finishing and equipment
  • An explanatory note of the architectural lighting concept and lighting equipment
  • Lighting design for inside premises and imaging based on lighting design in special software
  • Layout of lighting and projection equipment (in blueprints: floor-by-floor plans, ceiling plans, cross sections, and control hubs)
  • Imaging based on 3D modeling
  • List of proposed equipment, specifications and assembly diagrams by the manufacturers of the recommended equipment
  • Furniture layout and mapping on plans and cross sections

Extra interior design presentation materials can be provided, including models, videos, and the design project of the sign boards and pictograms of the navigation system on site premises and in the adjacent area.