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GORPROJECT was awarded with the Diploma and prize for the best architectural and urban planning concept of "Quarter of 21 century" in Irkutsk

10 november 2016


The competition was held under the rules of the International Union of architects, in several stages of the voting. First of all, all works were evaluated by 10 experts representing the long list and then were embarked on the jury which also assessed all of the work and chose the first shortlist, and finally the winners.

There were received more than 160 applications and 67 projects made by the collective bodies from 5 countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Bulgaria) and more than 30 cities. The major part among them are from Moscow which submitted 33 competitive projects, 24 applications were submitted by both St. Petersburg ans Irkutsk. From 3 to 9 November the Zagoursky Music theater hosted the exhibition of the competitive projects, which was attended by more than 3500 people.

The awarding ceremony was held in Irkutsk City Administration on the 22th November and was attended by:

  • Gotovskiy Ivan Sergeevich, deputy Mayor, chair of the Committee for city-planning policies of the Administration of the Irkutsk city
  • Aleksandrov Sergey Anatolevich, chief Architect of Irkutsk
  • Komissarova Elena Ivanovna, president of the group of companies BEL development
  • Grigorieva Elena Ivanovna, vice President of the Union of architects of Russia
  • Meerovich Mark Grigorievich, honored architect of Russia, member of the jury.

The results of the competition were announced on 10 November, and one of the winners was GORPROJECT team (F. Nikandrov, A. Korotkov, A. Muraviev, I. Mylnikov, S. Kukharskiy, E. Zakabluckaja, A. Lavrukhin, A. Vorobiev, P. Gulyak, H. Rakhmatulina, V. Zamula, I. Vereshchagina).

According to Sergey Alexandrov, the competition followed two objectives: the first is to find a bright architectural planning decision. The second is to implement the project which will finally helps the city to receive an open and comfortable quarter facing the river and the concert hall of 1200 seats, construction supported by virtuoso pianist Denis Matsuev.

The representatives of these collective bodies have specially arrived in Irkutsk for the awarding ceremony. Under the terms of the competition each of bodies will receive 1 million rubles.


GORPROJECT is a leading company in the field of general planning of residential and public buildings. It has implemented a large number of significant projects of high-rise construction. Among them, the Evolution Tower, Eurasia Tower, IQ-quarter Lakhta Center in Saint-Petersburg, Akhmat Tower  in Grozny have received international recognition.


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