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Facade Design

Based on our ten years of experience in providing services to investors and general contractors our institute has been able to achieve higher efficiency, reliability, quality and value for clients as they sell their projects.

As part of the whole working cycle our company analyses, consults, coordinates, designs and exercises control over the building envelope.

While creating comprehensive and efficient facade concepts, we guide through the design process of the building envelope at all design stages. The integrated approach to the facade design adopted by our company is based on the structural, physical and power requirements, as well as the climate operating conditions at the initial stage of the project.

The comprehensive approach makes it possible to control the budget at each design stage and guarantee a fixed price during sale of the facilities.

As part of the engineering design management, in order to ensure high quality of operations compliant with the design documents we exercise specialized quality control through inspection of the produced and assembled structures at the construction facilities during work acceptance.


Facade design:

  • Creating advanced facade solutions
  • Developing assembly units

Modeling power engineering and physical processes:

  • thermal shielding
  • warm bridges
  • aerodynamic testing support
  • acoustics
  • Glass static stress analysis
  • Cost estimate
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Tender support

Engineering management:

  • Feasibility assessment (engineering solutions, model predictions, calculations, etc.)
  • Price offer analysis
  • Control and approval of blueprints
  • Special-purpose inspections of the facade structures