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Concept is the stage that results in what used to be called “design sketch” or “planning design” in design practice, whereas in other countries the above stage is called the “Concept” (stage С according to the RIBA classification - Royal Institute of British Architects) or the Vorplanung stage (according to the German classification). This stage includes the final adjustment, development and update of technical and engineering, functional, technical and aesthetic requirements as part of the Customer’s Terms of Reference, as well as the city-planning requirements and limitations of the architectural and planning specifications of the local architectural authorities or the site design approved by the said authorities. This stage also includes scenario-based development of spatial planning and stylistic solutions for the future building or complex in close contact with the customer and its advisors. At the request and in partnership with the customer, consultations can be provided to local executive and architectural authorities and to the authorized national heritage organizations if applicable. Depending on the project tasks, the final results at the stage of concept can be documented by the designer as presentation materials for marketing, advertizing or exhibition purposes, including imaging, a city-planning architectural model and a video clip.


Concept (provisional structure):

Text documents:

3. Title page

4. Terms of Reference

5. Copy of permit from a self-regulating design organization

6. Copy of a development team appointment order

7. Statement of compliance of project solutions with regulatory requirements by the chief engineer (architect)

8. Short summary with description of the architectural concept and planning design proposals

9. Preliminary calculation of the required number of parking lots

10. Technical and economic indicators

Visual documents:

11. Visualization of the site location on city map

12. General layout

13. Master plan of the site

14. Zoning plan

15. Vehicle storage plan

16. Floor number diagram (complex)

17. Plans of non-recurrent floors

18. Image dissection of facades with adjacent buildings

19. Facades

20. Color solution of facades

21. Typical cross sections

22. Vehicle traffic plan

23. Proposals as to the order of (complex) construction stages

24. Panoramic photos of the existing location of the designed site

25. Photomontage of the site in the midst of surrounding buildings

26. 3D models (3D imaging) – exteriors and interiors of major public areas

Optional materials to be submitted:

27. Principal solution for site engineering support

28. Principal design solutions

29. Principal process solutions

30. Principal solutions for facade design

31. Presentation video

32. City-planning architectural model

33. Landscape visual planning analysis