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Author Supervision

Author supervision of the construction and development of the final detailed design by the contractors and suppliers of materials and equipment is required as part of the civilized construction process. Considering numerous amendmets usually introduced to the project based on the bidding results by the engaged project participants (the general contractor and its subcontractors and suppliers), only the full engagement of the project designer can ensure compliance of the actual work with the original design, idea and style of the architectural concept. Besides author supervision conducted by architects as applied to the spatial planning solutions and the aesthetics of the building’s exterior and interior, including facade design of the building, its interior decor, and control over the quality of supplied materials and work performed at the construction site, our company also exercises supervision over the execution of the engineering solutions in the project and work execution regulations as applied to the building structures and engineering systems. As part of the project support at its closing stage we analyze, endorse and, if necessary, adjust the design solutions for the detailed design, approve or recommend the finishing materials and systems, participate in the meetings arranged by the customer’s teams, the general contractor and its subcontractor, manufacturers and suppliers of materials and equipment, by discussing all project amendments and its elements and adjusting these amendments with other aspects and related design disciplines in order to ensure stylistic integrity, high quality aesthetics, technical excellence and efficient operation of structures and engineering systems, and safety of construction and maintenance of the facility. We exercise author supervision in compliance with the procedures and federal construction requirements by personally keeping a design supervision log by the members of the development team or the authorized representatives of the designer.