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When a building lifts your spirits and speaks to your heart, art has achieved balance with function. The best architecture holds the balance of many elements – essential structure, ecology, quality of natural light, positioning with skyline and street.

This demanding nature of our work is reflected in our commitment to the clients we serve, and also to the public domain and the many users involved. Personal service and attention to clients needs characterize our approach. Complex undertakings require depth of resources. Highly talented and experienced team of Gorproject contains of 200 people located in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. The strategic direction of the practice is guided by the management team. These are: Sergey Lakhman, General Director and Founder; Nadezhda Burkova, First Deputy of General Director; Philip Nikandrov, Chief Architect, Nikolai Pershin, Chief Engineers as well as twenty members of management team and heads of design and engineering practices. The practice is organized into three design groups called “masterskaya”.

The design of each project is reviewed on a regular basis and monitors the design output in relation to the original brief and any changes agreed during the course of its development. Creating a sustainable building is crucial. To achieve this engineering needs to be integrated into any project at the outset of the design process. Success comes from harmonizing the gifts of architects, engineers and designers working together, and the products are better quality buildings and a new standard of life and work. The project team incorporates therefore Chief Engineer of the project, Chief Architect of the project and Chief Designer of the project.

The revolution in interactive graphic technologies have allowed us to build on our experience and open new avenues of expression. This would include an enhanced ability to design and build structures with complex geometric forms that would not have been feasible as little as five or ten years ago. New advances in technologies such as 3D computer modeling have been mastered by the Gorproject specialist modeling group, adding new capacities to explore and test design solutions by using Building Information Modeling. While new technologies have transformed the way we work, traditional model making still plays a crucial role and the practice of three model shops, capable of producing everything from sketch models to full size mock-ups. Dedicated communications, graphic design and visualization teams ensure the integration of art and new technologies.