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3D Visualization

Imaging of interior and exterior designs of surrounding buildings and the structure itself, as well as drafts of city-planning complexes, is based on computer-aided rendering of 3D models generated in the 3D Studio Max environment with the application of other software. Rendering is provided by our specialists with the aid of special fast high-performance computer graphical stations. The image quality of the future project in many ways affects its successful approval and greatly influences the creation of a favorable investment climate, as well as the right PR-image of the construction site. The completed 3D models can be used not only to make realistic static images and animated videos for the presentation, advertizing and exhibition purposes; but can also be used for printing out 3D high quality models by means of special 3D printers (this state-of-the-art market technology makes it possible to rapidly develop reliable working and presentation models, both monochromic and in color). Considering the limitations of 3D printers in terms of the sizes of solid blocks, it is necessary to develop 3D models for the purpose of physical modeling, dividing them into several separate pieces in case each element has excessive limiting dimensions. Production of videos clips requires high professionalism and ensuring that expert visualization studios are equipped with advanced computer technologies. Videos are procued jointly with our German partners.